Backend Developer (Data-Science Enthusiast)

Werkstudent, Praktikum, Abschlussarbeit, Festanstellung bei ConnectedLife GmbH in Rosenheimer Str. 145, D-81671 München
Eingestellt am 14.02.2019

ConnectedLife in Singapore with a R&D Team based in Munich where Health AI technologies are engineered for Parkinson’s disease patients using state-of-the-art Deep Learning. We are the center of Health AI community in Munich with frequent meetups and expert exchanges.

We are looking for a Master-degree Engineering Student to take charge of Backend Development. The perfect candidate would have practical experience in following Software Engineering skills along with theoretical knowledge in Maths and Statistics to grow in Data Science.

Despite the usual Web/IoT Backend Development tasks such as deployment, server management and databases; your responsibilities may include technical implementation of clinical studies and machine learning models. You will be guided, closely work together, learn and get support from senior data scientists and software engineers.

Python, Flask, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Pandas, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Linux, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, SQLAlchemy, AWS, Azure

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