Auslandspraktikum in Südamerika: Ernährungswissenschaftler und Assistenten

Praktikum, Abschlussarbeit bei Creating Champions Peru in Cuzco
Eingestellt am 14.02.2019

Have you ever dreamed of living, learning and working for a while in the most fascinating country in South America?
Now it’s the opportunity to put everything you have learned in your studies into practice and learn a lot in a real sports project in Cuzco, Peru. At the same time, you have the opportunity to learn or improve your Spanish and discover the incredible cultural-historical treasures of this country.

Based in Cuzco, Peru, Creating Champions Peru (CCP) is a young and dynamic private organization for social assistance, and whose field of activity is sports.

We look for enrolled or graduated student or experience in the fields of Sports nutrition, Sport, exercise and nutrition, Exercise, nutrition and health, Exercise and nutrition sciences, Sport science, Nutrition and health, Rehabilitation, or related studies.

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