Data Engineer

Praktikum, Festanstellung bei Recogizer Group GmbH in Bonn
Eingestellt am 14.01.2019

We at Recogizer are looking for Data Engineers to help us build our next generation data infrastructure. The Data Engineering team has a unique role of shepherding the data from its rawest form to the final control outputs and insights.

As Data Engineer, "one or more" of your responsibilities will include:
* Coordinating with the DevOps team to handle incoming data and transform live data into data stores such as Kafka, Cassandra, S3 etc.
* Creating quick data analysis pipelines using scientific Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Scipy etc.
* Providing data to the Data Science team and convert their pipelines into production ready services using Airflow, Spark, etc.
* Creating microservices to serve processed data to the Backend/Frontend Teams in Python, Go or Scala.
* Writing and maintaining well tested and version-controlled libraries for handling data in Python, Go or Scala.

If any of the above seems interesting to you, we are looking forward to receiving your application!

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