Distributed Systems Developer

Praktikum, Abschlussarbeit, Trainee, Festanstellung bei OptumSoft Inc. in Limmatquai 78, 8001 Zürich
Eingestellt am 10.08.2018

Distributed Systems Developer
OptumSoft is searching for passionate and motivated full-time software researchers/engineers to further enhance its TACC platform for its Zurich office.

TACC simplifies and significantly reduces the effort in developing distributed systems. It is a general purpose framework with a high-level programming language and managed runtime. The challenges of distributed computing, such as high availability, scalability, consistency, leader election, moving data to compute or compute to data etc., are all coherently solved within this framework.

For TUM students looking for an internship including master's thesis, please get in touch. Internships can be completed either in our US office or Zurich branch.


Strong knowledge of computer systems, architecture, operating systems and networks.
Very good problem-solving skills using data structures and algorithms.
Good at C++ or a combination like strong Java and Python with C.
Good Object Oriented Software Design skills.

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