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Festanstellung at Netlight in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin
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“Do you have a curious mind?
I do. I ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ a lot. I dig for information and don’t take ‘whatever’ for an answer. I get bored easily and question things that make no sense. I like challenges and want to learn something new every day. And I want to work with people who are likeminded.
That’s why I joined Netlight. Netlight is different, because here the whole organization is at my fingertips. Everyone cares about each other and I can contact anyone, anywhere in the organization if I want to ask something. Also, I’m not told what to do. That’s something I can shape myself.
I like it, how about you?”
-Viliina Lilja, Netlight consultant

We at Netlight Consulting are now looking for young professionals with high ambitions, curious minds and the potential to become our next top consultants. Why could this be you?
Because you are an enthusiastic talent in some fields of IT, be it UI technologies, databases, interfaces, gaming engines, cloud deployment - you name it. You master a bunch of programming languages and frameworks, and you’re not afraid to adopt new technologies. Sharing knowledge and helping others is your second nature, and you’re eager to learn more by working together with others.
In addition to your solid technical skills you’re a nice person. You tend to take responsibility. You are active and solution-oriented. You’re not holding back with your creativity when facing a new challenge. Your glass is half-full rather than half-empty, but still you’re always seeking how to improve things. You want to understand how different business models work.
You are at the end of your studies or recently graduated with a MSc in Computer Science or Information Systems. You speak, read and write fluent German and English. In addition to school projects your track record consists of co-operation with companies and cool hobby projects within IT.
You want to change the world. It doesn’t harm if you’re a unicorn.

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